Lateral thinking puzzles revisited

[Ed: To appreciate this one, you have to be familiar with the standard
puzzles of this type.]

From rec.puzzles:

In article <5522@uwm.edu> bnk@csd4.csd.uwm.edu (Bob N Keenan) writes:

Scene: There is a dead man in a garage surrounded by 51
bicycles and an overturned table. What happened?

Answer: The bicycles were playing cards and a fight ensued after
cheating was discovered. ]

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Other classics:

Scene: A man is found dead in a locked room in a puddle of water.

Answer: The poor guy died of starvation; the room was locked, right?
The water? Oh, the roof leaked.

Scene: A man gets out of bed, and kills himself.

Answer: The man was a midget for the circus, and had just gotten fed
up with his bleak and demeaning lifestyle.

Scene: There is a dead man in a cage surrounded by 51 cats, an
overturned table, and an empty gun. What happened?

Answer: A depressed midget switched blanks for the live ammo in
the lion tamers gun.

Scene: A man goes into a restaurant and orders some albatross. After
some delay, the food arrives. He takes a taste, and then
kills himself. Why?

Answer: Obviously a whacko. I mean, who orders ALBATROSS in a
restaurant? I say, good riddance to bad garbage!

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