Lawyer road kill

A bored truck driver had a nasty habit of swerving to hit attorneys he found walking along side of the highway.

One day as he was driving along he came across a Nun who appeared to be having car trouble.

Pulling over to offer the Nun a ride to the nearest service station, the Nun graciously thanked the driver for stopping and accepted his offer.

After driving a few miles the truck driver saw an attorney walking along the highway.

As was his custom, the truck driver swerved to hit the attorney but, at the last moment, remembered he had the Nun as a passenger and abruptly swerved away to avoid hitting the attorney.

Surprised upon hearing a loud thump as he passed the attorney, the truck driver peered in his rear view only to see the attorney lying injured along side of the road.

Im so sorry Sister, I thought I missed hitting that attorney! the truck driver plead.

You did my son, but I got him with the door! gleed the Nun.

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