Letters to President Clinton

Dear Bill:

As a fellow Southern Baptist, I can sympathize with your predicament.

Although when I was president I merely lusted in my heart, I have to

admit that had I served another term, my lust might have broken free and moved down my body. God bless you in this time of trial.

Jimmy Carter


Dear Bill:

OK, so Ill never be president, but at least Donna Rice was a babe!

Gary Hart


My Dear Chap:

This is a bit of a sticky wicket, but if I were you, I should ask that

charming Jay Leno fellow to see you through. Pop onto his show, admit

that you made an ass of yourself and all will be forgiven.

Hugh Grant



They entrapped me, they framed me, they caught me in a motel with drugs and a prostitute, but I bounced back and so can you! Bitch done set us up!

Mayor Marion Berry


Dear Bill:

Look at the bright side. At least you werent caught wearing Monicas

thong underwear. By the way, did you catch my sports show? Im back on

TV for the fall.

Marv Albert


Dear Mr. President:

You may have noticed that Im not jumping on the impeachment bandwagon

(note: this was written a week ago). Let me assure you, youre not the

only one in Congress who thinks oral sex isnt really sex.

Warm personal regards,



Dear Bill:

Hang in there, pal! By the way, Kathie Lee sends Hillary her regards

and invites her to come on her show anytime.

Frank Gifford


Dear Mr. President:

Now Im on the Supreme Court. Im here for life! And theres nothing

anyone can do about it! So there!

Justice Clarence (Long Dong) Thomas


Dear Former Worthy Opponent:

Whoo, Boy! All I can say is, Bob Dole would never have gotten himself

into this mess. Not Bob Dole! Not before Viagra, anyway!

Bob Dole


Dear Mr. President:

I think its terrible what they are doing to you, and I want you to know that if you need to get away from it all, youre welcome to

bring Buddy and stay with me on my Wonderland Ranch for as long as you

want. Ill move the Cub Scout Pack to a tent on the lawn and you can

have their room.

Michael Jackson


Dear Fellow Sinner:

Jesus forgives you and so do I.

Rev. Jimmy Swaggart


Dear Bill:

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Jim Baker

P.S. Jessica sends regards and wants to get together with you sometime.


Dear Bill:

Next time (if there is a next time), dont let them get you on tape. Big mistake!!

With sympathy,

Rob Lowe


Dear Bill:

If I survived wanting to be a tampon, you can survive the cigar bit.

Things were grim for a while, but now it looks like I might actually

manage to marry my darling Camilla, and someday Ill be King! Funny how life turns out. So keep a stiff upper lip! (And relax everything else, haha! And they say I dont have a sense of humor)

HRH Charles Windsor, Prince of Wales


Dear Mr. President:

We invite you to be the cover subject of our next issue.

The editors, Cigar Aficionado magazine

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