A guy comes into a bar and sees two women coming out of the bathroom. One sits at one end and the other sits at the other end. One looks really good and the other one is average. He thinks to himself, there is no way I can get with the really hot one, so Ill talk to the average one and maybe work my way up to the really hot one.

So he starts conversation with the one woman and they having a nice conversation. Then she asks him, Do you like my friend over there? pointing to the woman at the other end of the bar.

The guy says, Well, uh, uh, yea, I guess I like her.

So she asks, Do you think shes pretty?

The guy says, Well uh, yea, shes pretty.

She then asks, Do you wanna smell her pussy?

The guy tentatively responds, Uh, Uh, well, sure, yea, yea.

The woman smiles and puts her mouth to his nose and breathes out, HUUUH!

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