Little Johnny and his little brother (sexual innuendo)

So, one Saturday morning, Johnny wakes up early and goes to his parents room to wake them up. Finding the door closed, he opens it only to find Mom and Dad having wild sex. He realizes hes done something wrong by the way Mom screamed and Dad yelling at him to get out and shut the door.

After a few moments, Dad comes out and tries to comfort Johnny since hes crying and obviously upset.

What were you and Mommy doing in there? Johnny says thru his tears.

Well, son, Dad replies, we were trying to make you a baby brother.

Johnny is just happy as hell with this. He walks around school the next Monday and tells all his friends that hes going to have a baby brother, someone to play with, and all that.

Well, later in the week, Dad comes home from work only to find little Johnny sitting on the front porch really crying up a storm.

Whats the matter, Johnny? asks Dad.

Well, remember the baby brother you were trying to make for me?

Yes… replies the dad.

Well, when I came home from school today, I saw the postman trying to eat him.

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