Lottery ticket

Sid goes to temple and gets down on his knees and prays, Dear God, I work hard but my business isnt doing well, my wife is acting strange and my daughter, ah, you dont want to know. Would it be so terrible, maybe I could win the lottery?

The next week hes back. God, my wife, shes moving out and Im getting audited by the IRS. And my daughter, shes running around with a such a sleaze, would it be so terrible, I could maybe win the lottery?

The next week, Sids back. God, now I find my business partner ran off with my wife, leaving me to pay the taxes with money I dont have cause she cleanned out the bank accounts. And my daughter, shes pregnant by that nogoodnik who ran off as well. God, would it be so bad that I might win the lottery?

At that moment a beam of light comes blazing through the window as the clouds outside part and a voice booms down, Sidney, meet me half way on this one, BUY A TICKET!!!

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