Lunchtime banking

A man took his young son to the bank with him to transact some business. Since it was lunchtime, there were a lot of people waiting their turn in the cattle chutes. They took their place in line directly behind a woman who was the epitome of corporate fashion.

She was wearing a designer executive business suit, and carrying an expensive leather brief case with a matching shoulder bag that had a pager clipped to it.

After several minutes in line, the boy remarked Dad, that woman has the biggest thighs I have ever seen

Sshh. You shouldnt talk about people like that. You will hurt their feelings.

After several more minutes, the boy again remarked Dad, that woman has the biggest butt I have ever seen

I said not to talk about people like that. Just be quiet and it will be our turn shortly.

Just as he finished speaking, the womans pager went off. beep .. beep .. beep .. beep


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