Married couples not getting into heaven

There is a long line of applicants waiting to get into heaven one day. To relieve the boredom, St. Peter leaves a junior angel in charge at the gate, and strolls down the line chatting here and there.

Hes gone about 30 feet when he stops before a married couple and says: Im sorry, but you two cant enter.

Why not?! demands the man angrily.

Well, you obviously love food more than God, since you married a girl named Candy says St. Peter. Sadly, they turn away.

About 10 minutes later, he comes to another couple, and throws them out. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!! shouts the man. I DEMAND AN EXPLANATION!!!

Thats easy, says St. Peter, anyone who would marry a girl named Penny must love money more than God, and those people go to the other place.

Just about this time, three couples back in line, a man turns to his wife and says Come on Fanny, theres NO hope for us, we might as well leave!

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