Me Too

Send me some gifs

To harden my dick

Maybe topless pix

Of that Star Trek chick.

And while youre sending

Id quite like to know

That hundred dollar recipe

For great cookie dough.

And send me a dollar

So Ill get rich quick

And a video tape

of last weeks The Tick.

Send me your password

And a Dvorak keyboard.

Send a Pentium Chip

And a Model T Ford.

Please send some webspace

And the secret to life

And a third-world virgin

Mail-order wife

And round trip tickets

to Frisco Bay

And a polo pony

and a bail of hay

And a bail of reefer

And a bucket of booze

And all of Imelda

Marcoss shoes

And a swimming pool

And a great big house

And an autographed photograph

Of Mickey Mouse.

Add me to the list!

And what ever you do,

Just please oh please

Cant you send me a clue?

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