My kid sister could paint like that….

This is a true story: I saw this happen in the student union at my

Mother and 3-year old daughter heading toward the exit of
the student union.

Mom: Okay, time to go.

Child: No!

Mom: We have to go now, honey.

Child: No! I wanted to go to the…

Mom: We did go, honey, and now were going home.

Child: No! No! [Tears starting to fall…]

Mom: We did go to the art show, honey…

Child: No! No! I wanted to go… [full-fledged tantrum
under way now…]

Mom: We did go to the art show sweetheart, it was just a
different kind of art than what you were expecting…

Child: No!!! I wanted to see the art show… [screaming,
wailing, crying….]

Mom: We did see it honey, its just not the kind of art you
are used to…

Child: NOOOO!!!!!!!

Theres no accounting for taste.

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