Never judge a book by its author

Is O. J. Guilty?Howard I. Know
Animal Illnesses Ann Thrax
French OverpopulationFrancis Crowded
Fallen UnderwearLucy Lastic
Downpour!Wayne Dwops
CloningIma Dubble
Irish FlooringLynn OLeum
I Lived in DetroitHelen Earth
Inflammation, PleaseArthur Itis
Handels MessiahOllie Luyah
House ConstructionBill Jerome Home
UnemployedAnita Job
Off to MarketTobias A. Pigg
Holmes Does it AgainScott Linyard
Home Alone IVEddie Buddyhome
Lewis CarrollAlison Wonderland
Leo TolstoyWarren Peace
The L. A. Lakers BreakfastKareem O Wheat
Neither a BorrowerNora Lender Bee
The French ChefSue Flay
Tight SituationLeah Tard
The Scent of a ManJim Nasium
Why Cars StopM. T. Tank
Wind in the WillowsRussell Ingleaves
Look YoungerFay Slift
Mountain ClimbingAndover Hand
Its Springtime!Theresa Green
No!Kurt Reply
And Shut Up!Sid Downe

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