Noted from Herb Caen

Excerpted From Herb Caens column in the San Francisco Chronicle,
Monday, April 8, 1991.

Quoted without permission: [Ed: which is OK in short excerpts or the
reporting of facts only.]

TALKSHOW: KQED radio announced a few days ago that due to lack of
funding, it was canceling its Perspectives commentaries. Next
morning, Doug Edwards was checking the call-in tape for listener
reaction and came across this from a women on her car phone: My
name is Julia. Longtime listener. Im very upset that youre canceling
Perspectives and Im considering canceling my support. Please
reinstate –, followed by the sound of squealing brakes, a crash,
shattering glass, and Julia yelling Oh s…, youve made me so mad
I just rear-ended the f…er in front of me. Have to go now. Click.
Poor Julia. Funds were restored, and Perspectives is back on the air.

[KQED is a listener supported public radio station.]

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