Playing mommy and daddy

A little boy comes home from school and asks his mother for some ice cream.

The mother is having a bad day and snaps, NO!. The little boy turns and runs into his room.

After a minute, the mother feels bad she snapped and knocks on his door.

Johnny, Im sorry I snapped at you. Do you want to play a game or something?

Sure, Johnny replies. How about we play Mommy and Daddy?

OK, says the mother. How do we play?

You go upstairs and lay down on your bed.

The mother figures this is harmless, so she agrees and goes upstairs.

Meanwhile, Johnny rummages throught the closet and finds his dads hat and coat. He digs in the ashtray to find a long cigarette butt.

After dressing and putting the cigarette in his mouth, he swaggers up the stairs.

There, on the bed, is his mother. Johnny marches in, walks up to the bed, and says, Get your butt out of bed and get that kid some ice cream!

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