Reagan could count

On the bottom 3 rungs of hell are: Richard Nixon, 3rd from the bottom; Ronald Reagan, 2nd from hells lowest rung; and George W. Bush, who actually doesnt have a rung, because when youre at the very bottom, you dont need one.

So Smirks a little peeved about this, so he asks Tricky Dick, Hey, Nixon, how come youre 3rd from the bottom, I mean, with Watergate and all?

Nixon replies Well, Watergate certainly was a scandal, and I am not a crook, but nobody, I mean nobody can say that I didnt do my own thinking. Hell, I did everybodys thinking, the stupid shits!

So George W. says, Well if you say so, but how bout you Ronnie, for sure you never did your own thinking, Hell, Nancy had to consult the Ouija board to find out if you should pick your nose or pick somebody for a cabinet post.

Ronnie Ray-gun replies, Well fella, that may be true, but at least I was elected. With a majority. Twice.

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