(Heard late one night on KSHE 95, the Rock of St. Louis.)

One day a city dweller decided to take a ride in the country. He
hopped into his fancy, imported sportscar, zipped out along the big highway
for a while, then got off and drove along a very rural dirt road in the
middle of farm country. After a while, he came across a farmer who was out
in the fields, driving a tractor. Funny thing was, the farmer didnt seem
to be wearing any pants.

Hey farmer, how come youre not wearing any pants?

Well, city boy, th other day I went out a-workin in the fields, an
I plum fergot t wear mah shirt. Got back to th house that night, and mah
neck was stiffer than a oak-wood board. Now this heres mah wifes idea.

Dave Kohr (drk7956@cec2)

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