Retractions by the NY Times in 1998

The Top 13 Retractions Printed by the NY Times in 1998

13 Correction: The cookie recipe in question cost $350, not $250 as previously reported.

12 Earlier this year, the Times mistakenly reported that software magnate Bill Gates is a money-hungry, maladapted, socially awkward loser. He is, in fact, a bloodsucking cob-nobbler. The Times regrets the error.

11 We wish to apologize for calling the former Australian Prime minister, Paul Keating, the lowest slime-ball in the country. We meant in THEIR country.

10 Due to a typographical error yesterday, we mistakenly printed the entire Wall Street Journal under our banner. It should have been the Washington Post. Sorry.

9 Okay, so it was a blue dress, not a red skirt. Get off our backs already!

8 In Thursdays edition of the Times, we erroneously reported the stories of five people who experienced bad luck as a result of not forwarding an e-mail message…

7 This mistake will never happen again. We apologize to the Top 5 subscribers, contributors and the list moderator, Chris Whitewater.

6 Recently, pop singer George Michael was caught masturbating in a public restroom yesterday. He was not, as reported in this newspaper, actually choking a chicken.

5 It has come to the attention of the Times that disk jockey Fred LeFebvre of KISS-FM in Toledo was not actually the recipient of a MacArthur Genius Grant.

4 Evidently, there are no Klingons on Uranus after all. Sorry for the confusion.

3 Our article describing O.J. Simpson as slashing out over the prospect of losing his children contained a regrettable typo…

2 As it turns out, the Banana Republic dictatorship is actually just a clothing store.

and Top5s Number 1 Other Retraction Printed by the NY Times in


1 Miss Lewinsky did not give the President a snow job, as reported in some editions yesterday.

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