Satan appearing in church

One bright, beautiful Sunday morning, everyone in tiny Jonestown wakes up early and goes to their local church. Before the service starts, the townspeople sit in their pews and talk about their lives, their families, etc.

Suddenly, at the altar, Satan appears!! Everyone starts screaming and running for the front entrance, trampling each other in their determined efforts to get away from Evil Incarnate.

Soon, everyone is evacuated from the church except for one man, who sits calmly in his pew, seemingly oblivious to the fact that Gods ultimate enemy is in his presence. This confuses Satan a bit.

Satan walks up to the man and says, Hey, dont you know who I am?

The man says, Yep, sure do.

Satan says, Well, arent you afraid of me?

The man says, Nope, sure aint.

Satan, perturbed, says, And why arent you afraid of me?

The man says, Well, Ive been married to your sister for 25 years.

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