The owner of an old-fashioned corner grocery store in a small country town was fond of quoting a scripture after each sale. He had three old friends that would sit around a pot-bellied stove, playing checkers on a faded board. His ability to produce a scripture for all occasions never ceased to amuse the old timers, and they would listen to see what verse he would come up with relevant to the sale made. A lady purchased some material and he said, She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands. A man bought a sack of flour; he said Man does not live by bread alone, but every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. A little boy bought some candy and as he rung it up he quoted, Suffer the little children to come unto Me. It was nearly closing time when the chimes over the door jangled loudly. A well dressed young man, obviously a stranger from one of the larger towns down the road, entered. Help you? offered the proprietor. I need a blanket for my horse, said the man. Hes out in his trailer and its too cold for just one. Bring me the nicest one youve got! The store owner went in the back store room and came back with a brown blanket. Thatll be five dollars. Five dollars? Youve got to be kidding! said the man. This horse is a thoroughbred. He gets only the best! He wouldnt stand still for an old five dollar blanket. Without comment, the store owner took back the blanket, then merely selected a different color and brought it out. This ones $25 dollars. Now, look, said the young man. Perhaps I didnt make myself plain. This isnt just any old horse! Hes worth thousands! Now I want the best, most expensive blanket youve got! Comprende? The owner once more went into the store room, pulled out another color of the same material and brought it back. This is the only one left, and its $100. Now thats more like it! enthused the fellow

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