Sho Is a Wonder

One day Rastus and Liza Jane were sitting at the bus stop when Rastus ups and asks, Liza Jane can Is look up your dress before the bus gets here?

Liza Jane was startled and said, No Rastus you caint!

Well Rastus persisted and persisted till finally Liza Jane said, Alright ifn it will shut you up you can.

So Rastus looks up her dress and sees that see has no panties on to which he exclaims, Sho is a wonder!

Well the bus shows up and they gets on.

Next day, Rastus and Liza Jane are sitting there again when Rastus ups and asks her, Liza Jane, can I look up your dress again? Well Liza Jane at first refused, but as the day before she then gave in. So Rastus looks up there and seeing no panties he exclaims, again, Sho is a wonder!

Well this goes on for a few days when on the last day that Liza Jane would permit Rastus to look up her dress she tells him, Rastus you can look up my dress but you have to tell me one thing?

Rastus replies, Whats that?

Every time you look up my dress you says, Sho is a wonder. Sho is a wonder what?

To which Rastus replies, Sho is a wonder your guts dont fall out!!

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