Snob test

In his book, Stay of Execution, the late Stewart Alsop, columnist, tells of this embarrassing moment:

I was in London, on a reporting trip for Joes and my column. I had an introduction to Lord Salisbury and interviewed him – he was a powerful figure in those days – and he asked me for the week-end to his country seat, Hatfield House.

I paid off the taxi and timidly rang a doorbell. To my surprise Lady Salisbury, a gray-haired lady with a strong ancestral face, answered the bell. With her was an enormous hound, which looked at me in a marked unfriendly fashion and growled.

Lady Salisbury saw that I was nervous. Dont worry, she said. Bobo never bites a gentleman, only the lower classes.

At that point Bobo lunged forward and planted his teeth in my right calf.

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