Soakin Wet!

One day a boy came walking home from school. On the way home he saw a creek. He quickly jumped in, clothes and all. When he arrived home completely soaked his dad asked, Son what happened?

I jumped in that creek down the road.

Why did you do that?

I dunno.

His dad was very angry and said, If you jump in that creek again, just because, Im gonna tan that hide – just because! Is that clear?

Yes dad. replies his son.

The next day, the boy came home walking from school, and sure enough when he saw that creek, he jumped right on in.

When he went home, his dad knew what had happened and asked, Didnt I tell you not to jump in that creek again?

Yes dad, but Satan told me to do it!

His dad, being somewhat religous, decided to give his son the benefit of the doubt and tells him – Next time Satan tells you to do something like that, say Satan get thee behind me in the name of Jesus.

Ok dad. replied the son.

Well the next day after school, the boy was walking across the bridge, and well you know the rest. He came home again soaked.

His dad said, I thought I told you what to say when you came to that creek!

I said what you told me dad, and when I did, Satan pushed me in!

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