Support your dealers

(This got passed around Microsoft a few days ago. Thought you might
appreciate it. – Ellen)

Hardware Question of the Day

A dealer calls in, having problems with the interrupt jumpers on a bus mouse
card. After I informed this person that jumper information is on page 9 of the
Mouse Users Guide, and gave the proper jumper setting, the dealer said: Can
you hold on while I give it a try?

The telephone clicked against the desk on the other end as the receiver was
set down. The following conversation ensued:

(in whispers)

Hes right. It is on page 9.

I told you to look in the book.

I know, I know. Hes still on the line. You talk to him.

I didnt call him. I didnt screw up. You talk to him.

Why dont you just hang it up. Maybe he wont notice.


Cluck. Click. Buzz (dial tone).


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