Surprise Package

At an out of town bar, a young man was watching a very pretty brunette in a corner booth. After a couple of drinks he got up the nerve to walk over and ask to buy her a drink. To his surprise she invited him to join her.

They have a great time and she invites him to her place after a few more drinks.

When they arrive at her place she says she wants to get comfortable and she leaves the room to change. The young man pulls out a cigerette but cant find a lighter so he asks the lady if she has one.

She tells him to look in the drawer by the bed. He does and he finds the matches and a picture of a man stuffed into the drawer.

The woman comes out of the bathroom in a slinky teddy and they start to go at it pretty heavy, but the young man starts to get nervous about the picture. So he decides to ask. Is that a picture of your husband in the drawer?

No silly. she answered, and they started up again.

She rolled over for him to enter her for anal sex, but he is still worried. Is it your boyfriend he asks.

No silly, she answered again.

Soon the young man explodes in the woman, rolls over exhausted but still worried.

Well who the heck is the guy in the picture? he finally asks in annoyance.

She sits up next to him, takes a match out of the box strikes it across her face and lights a cigerette for him. Oh, that was me before the operation.

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