Talk Like a Frog

A little boy turned to his grandpa and said, grandpa, talk like a frog.

The Grandpa replied What?, Im not going to talk like a frog!

The little boy again asked, come on, Grandpa talk like a frog please.

Grandpa again said No! Go bother your grandmother.

The little boy finally gave up and left.

A little while later the little boys sister came in and said Grandpa will you talk like a frog for me?

Grandpa of course replied, NO!

The little girl then said Please grandpa will you talk just like a frog?

Grandpa was very disturbed by now and said, what is it with you and your brother, why in the world do you want me to talk like a frog?

The little girl looked at her grandpa and said Well last night daddy told us that when you croak we are going to go to Disney World.

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