The Barkeepers Dog

A guy sits in a bar when the barkeeper starts talking about his dog, My dog is
the most vicious killing machine in the area. If I had not tied it by a huge
chain, it would kill other dogs or children all the time.

And really the guy can see a doberman snarling in the corner tied by a huge
chain. The guy looks up and says, I bet you a beer that my dog that is tied up
outside the pub has no problem killing your dog.

Oh really? answers the bar keeper, what breed of dog do you have?

A long nosed, short legged, long tailed terrier, answers the guy.

Alright, replies the bar keeper and releases his doberman. The doberman runs
outside. Soon afterwards the tattered remains of the dog limps back, bleeding,
all over covered with wounds, and dies at the barkeepers feet. The bar keeper
cannot understand what was going on.

That must be a hell hound you have outside. What did you say it was?

A long nosed, short legged, long tailed terrier, replies the guy, but some
people call them crocodiles.

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