The Blonde Potatoe

A blonde, a brunette, and a red-head where driving down the road, when a cop starts to chase them.

They rush off and crash into the side of a barn, they immediately jump out of the car and hide under potatoe sacks.

The cop runs in after them, and the first potatoe sack he comes to the brunette is under. He kicks it and the brunette says, MEEEEOOOOOOW, and the cop says, Oh! Its just a stupid cat.

He then moves to the potatoe sack the red-head is under and kicks it. The red-head replies, ROOF, ROOF, the cop, angry now, says, STUPID DOG!!

Then the cop gets to the potatoe sack the blonde is under, he kicks it with great force and the blonde creams, POOOOOOTAAAAAAATOOOOOOOE!

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