The Bronze Rat

A man walks into an antique store and begins browsing through the merchandise. A small bronze sculpture of a rat catches his eye. For some reason, this curio fascinates him and he decides that he has to have it. So he picks it up and walks over to the proprietor. How much for this?, he asks. Id think twice about getting that if I were you. Everyone whos bought it before has come back the next day to return it, says the proprietor. Why? I dont know–but they seem to be in an awful hurry to get rid of it. The customer thinks this over and finally decides to purchase the item. He walks out of the store and begins to make his way home. As he is walking down a dark alley, he hears a scuttling noise behind him. Quickly turning around, he sees two rats following him down the path. Thats odd, he thinks to himself and begins to walk faster. A few minutes later, he turns around again and this time there are 3 dozen rats following him! He begins to break into a trot. Next time he turns around, there are 200 rats! Now hes running as fast as he can. After a couple of minutes, he cant stand the suspense any longer and looks over his shoulder… Thousands of rats, as far as the eye can see, are marching behind him! Now he begins to panic. He looks at the figurine in his hand and it dawns on him whats going on. He changes direction and begins to make his way to the waterfront. When he reaches the harbor, he takes the figure and hurls it into the water. Thousands of rats dive into the water after it and drown! The next day, the man returns to the antique shop. The owner is astonished to find him empty-handed. You didnt bring it back?? he inquires. No, Ive got just one question. Do you have one shaped like a lawyer?

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