The Farter

There was this lady (who was a butcher) whose husband always farted really loud at night! She hated it because they stunk so badly! So one night she told her husband that if he kept farting like that at night, then his guts would come out. He didnt believe her but she told him, Honey, Im a butcher. I should know.

But he still wouldnt listen to her. So that night she went to her butcher shop and got a big chunk of raw pig guts. When she got home she stuck it in her husbands pants. And of course, he farted really loudly as usual. The next morning when they woke up her husband went to the bathroom. He was in there for a pretty long time so his wife said to him, Honey, is everything okay. Youve been in there for a while.

He replied, Yeah, everythings fine.

5 minutes later he finally came out of the bathroom. His wife asked him, So did your guts come out like I said they would?

He replied, Yep, but being the smart person I am, I took two fingers and stuck them right back up there!

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