The laws of love and dating

If you meet a woman, and you like her, then she…

has a jealous boyfriend 64 280 pounds
is a confirmed lesbian
only wants to be friends
doesnt notice youre even alive

About who tries to pick you up; if youre:

heterosexual, then homosexuals will try
homosexual, then heterosexuals will try
bi-sexual, then, no one will try
with someone special, everyone will try

About finding love; if you:

hope you found it, youll be disappointed
think you found it, youre wrong
believe you found it, youre misinformed
have found it, you wont know until too late

About winning/losing; if you:

dont have anything to lose, you wont win
have something to lose, youll lose it
do win, its only so you can lose more later

If she appears to be having a good time, its because:

shes fanaticizing, and not of you, either
shes been eyeing-up someone else
shes trying to make someone jealous

About dating, if she:

arrives with a man, its the boyfriend she never told you about, and he has a few questions for ya
arrives with her girlfriend, its because she wants some protection, not for anything kinky
comes alone, its because she looks at you as a friend; there isnt a chance youll ever be more either

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