The meeting

I met this beautiful girl last night. She invited me back to her place and we had the greatest steamiest sex ever. Actually, it wasnt really the greatest sex ever, it was more like medium-great sex, and well, she didnt exactly invite me back to her place, I sort of followed her to a McDonalds.

To be factual, we didnt actually have sex per se, but we came very very close. You see we were fondling each other pretty intensely … well, actually, I was fondling her, she wasnt fondling me … well, really, I wasnt so much fondling per se, our bodies just got very close together. To be honest, I just sort of brushed into her while we were both in line.

Accidentally. But it was great, really hot and sensual you know?

Actually, to be specific, it wasnt really her that I brushed into, it was really the back of the chair she sat down in. Although, the chair was on the other side the room you see. And I was sort of leaning my own chair on the opposite wall. We were connecting and all though!

And we did make eye contact several times. Well, not eye contact exactly. She sort of caught me staring at her, got that frightened lil bird look in her eyes, and got up and ran out of the place.

I would have caught up with her too, had she not flagged down that Police car. I fail to see how all this constitutes stalking though. I mean, come on, give me a break here.

But anyway, wow! What a night. What a night. If all goes well here, I should be making my next post on my further adventures in 90-120 days; the delay will be up to the Judge, I guess.

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