The moment of truth!

A man goes to visit the grave of his mother, puts a beautiful bouquet at the headstone and gets up, to leave when he notices another man crying his heart out, lying on one of the graves in such a way, that he breaks the other mans heart.

The sobbing goes on and on and he hears the other say:

– Oh why? Why did you have to die!? Why did you go?

And then he breaks down sobbing again, hitting his head over the headstone, still crying:

-Oh why did you die!? Why did you go so soon?

Intringued, the other guy goes to him and says:

Im so sorry for your loss, is there anything I can do for you?

Who is the person you are crying over so desperately, he asks, in compassion?

Thats my wifes third husband, comes the reply, between sobs.

Im number four…..

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