The Night Before Y2K

Twas the night before Y2K

and all through the house

we all were in hiding,

me, my kids, and my spouse.

The firewood piled

floor to ceiling with care

the cupboards all packed

with non-perishables to spare.

The windows were barred

to protect us from looters

our new generator is safe

cause it has no computers.

Weve bought lots of gold

should the dollar collapse

and run up those credit cards

right to the max

and just in case

the banks should all crash

we closed our account

and spent all the cash

on dried foods and water

for our Y2K stash.

As the clock ticked toward midnight

we knew wed soon learn

the doomsayers were right

it would all crash and burn.

Stretched out in my chair

with my gun in my lap

I decided to take a pre-Y2K nap.

I fell fast asleep

and then, without warning

I opened my eyes

and it was new years morning!

The lights were still on

the TV worked too

on all the news channels

there was nothing so new.

The only news

that sounded so bad

was the realization

Id been Y2K-had.

What I thought was survival

was now but a fad.

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