The nun and the cabby

One night, a cabby picked up a nun. While he was driving, the cabby suddenly started to laugh insanely.

Why are you laughing? Asked the nun.

Oh, Its nothing. said the cabby.

No, really. said the nun I wont mind.

So the Cabby told her:

Well, Its really silly but Ive always had this fantasy of having a blow job done by a nun.

Well then, whats your name? The nun asked


Are you married?


Are you christian?


Then Pull into the next alley.

The cabby was stunned. but he didnt want to give up this chance so he pulled into the next alley. When they were finished, they returned to the cab.

While driving, the cabby started to cry.

Why are you crying? asked the nun

Im sorry, Ive lied.

How so?

Well, My name is David, I have a wife and three children, and Im Jewish.

Well, Ive done a bit of lying too… smiled the nun My name is George and Im going to a costume party.

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