The power to cloud mens minds

Reported by the Associated Press

Summerville, SC

Police have only the barest of clues to investigate a convenience store
robbery aided by a scantily clad woman.

A woman wearing only panties was accompanied by two men who robbed the
U.S. 78 store of $60 worth of beer about 5:30 a.m. Sunday, police say.

The woman walked around the store, and while the 49-year-old clerk was
focused on her, the men hauled off four cases of beer, Detective Cpl. Al
Lapolla said.

The clerk told police he thinks the men were white, but he cannot say
for sure, Lapolla said.

He told police the woman was white but he is not sure about her height
or hair color.

The parts of her anatomy he concentrated on he was able to tell us a
great deal about, Lapolla said.

Asked if the store had cameras that might have photographed the trio,
Lapolla said, Its not one of those stores, darn it.

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