The top 11 Jerry Hall divorce demands for Mick Jagger

$90,000/month in child support; $150,000/month for the childs diction lessons.
Restraining order keeping Keith 50 yards away from her bathroom medicine cabinet at all times.
Cash value from his Lloyds of London Lip Insurance policy.
Custody of Bill Wymans wife and the rest of the kids.
Satisfaction, Baby!
Has to admit publicly that Steven Tylers lips are fatter than his.
Jerry keeps: sports cars and palatial estate Mick keeps: walker, clapper and Matlock videos
Financial support for her destitute brother, Arsenio.
Jerry keeps the kids; Mick keeps Kato.
You cant always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you might find, you get half his stuff.
Keith must be removed from the wine cellar and given a proper burial.

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