The Top Internet Hoaxes

The DOTCam – Live webcast of your local Department of Transportation guys actually working for the first time.
You, too, can become a Top5 contributor! Just take this little test!
Mother and daughter to both lose their virginity on the Internet.
Rosie ODonnell adopts kids to steal their kidneys — for dinner!
Defiant Consumers Rip the Tags off of Mattresses, LIVE on the Internet!
Discovery of Adolph Hitlers long-lost Netscape bookmarks
The V2K bug. Every morning, another friggin Viagra joke on your monitor.
Our First A-Bomb / http://www.abomb.india.gov
TWA Flight 800 was shot down by Richard Gere in order to stop the AOL4FREE virus from killing Craig Shergold.
Raised as a strict vegan, 26 year old Harvey Sunshine Reynolds will enjoy his first taste of thick-sliced bacon, on July 31 at http://www.the-other-white-meat.com
The Drudge Report
Al Sharpton and Jesse Helms to hold an online debate which will be dominated by intelligence and logic.

and Top5s Number 1 Other Internet Hoax………

The Church of Scientology refund website

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