Thin Walls

Though the walls of our apartment complex arent particularly thin, the
floors and ceilings act as amplifiers. One night, several months ago, my
wife and I were lying in bed. Noticing the repeated constant sound of a bed
scooting along the floor and a headboard banging against a wall, we became
aware that the occupants of the bedroom directly were doing more than tossing
and turning in their sleep. This went on for some time. Later we described
the event to our friends.

US: For the first five minutes, it was funny and kind of embarrassing that
we could hear them so well.

After about ten minutes, it became really annoying.

After fifteen minutes, it was getting very frustrating because it was
keeping us from going to sleep…

FRIENDS: And then?

US: And then after twenty straight minutes…Okay, after twenty minutes it
was pretty damn impressive.

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