A woman was pregnant with triplets when a robber came through her door and shot her three times. One bullet went into each of the children.

At the hospital, the doctor told her that all of her children were fine, but that sometime in their lives, they would pass the bullets in their stool.

Years later, one of the woman’s teen-age daughters approached her and said, Mom! Youll never guess what happened!

Mom said, You passed a bullet, didnt you? Shocked at her mothers reply, the daughter asked how she knew, and Mom told her the story.

A week later the other teenage daughter had the same experience. Mom! she said, Youll never guess what happened to me! Mom guessed correctly, sat her down and told her the story.

The following week, the womans teen-age son approached her and exclaimed, Mom! Youll never guess what happended to me!

You pooped a bullet, didnt you?

No, said the son. I was jacking off and I killed the dog!

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