Tuns of PunsGalore – Part I

Our library has so many books they had to put it in a multi-story building.

I knew a prisoner who crowded his roommates terribly by building a huge aquarium in their room. It was just plain cell-fish of him!

Smoke dynamite… itll really blow your mind.

Scientists report that dieters lost brain cells as well as body weight.

Its a case of think or slim.

My camera is broken. But, I wont have a negative attitude – Ill take it to the repair shop and see what develops. People think I broke it but the crime isnt so black and white. Ah, I get the picture – Im being framed!

A vampire walks into a bar, and asks for a Large glass of A-positive blood. The bartender looks him square in the eyes, and says Im sorry, but we dont serve your type here!

Did you hear about the guy who gave narcotics to seagulls?

He left no tern unstoned.

If you shake up a can of beer, and spill it on your stove, do you get foam on the range?

My cat got stolen. I think it was taken by a purr snatcher.

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