Twisted chain

I posted this on misc.forsale, and got replies suggesting I send it here:

In article <Jan.> hundt@occlusal.rutgers.edu (Thomas M. Hundt) writes:

James D. Haack writes:

a friend of mine just got back from Europe and has some pieces
of the Berlin wall for sale … if you are interested please
write back … I think that he wants $10 each including postage.

Alan McKay:

Seems to me, Berlin Wall pieces are a great investment! Heres
what you do. Buy a chunk for $10. Cut it up into ten smaller
chunks. Sell each one for $10, for a profit of $90.

Heres an idea inspired by recent net/world events:

The Berlin Wall Chain Letter

Simply send a piece of the Berlin Wall (going rate is $10) to the
Dictator at the top of the following list. Then remove him from
the list, and add your self at the bottom. In a few weeks, youll
be receiving thousands of pieces, enough to build a wall around
your own country!

1) Deng Hsiao Ping
2) Manuel Noriega
3) Mohamar Khadafi
4) Daniel Ortega
5) Nicolae Ceausescu

P.S. If any of the above dictators are no longer in power, please remove
them from the list; its getting difficult to keep it up to date lately.

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