Udderly ridiculous (adult themes)

An insect repellent salesman tried to sell his product to a farmer. He said he wasnt interested because he hadnt seen any bugs or insects on his farm for years. The salesman indicated he had a wife and four kids and really needed the money.

The farmer still didnt think he needed any insect repellent but he felt sorry for the salesman and said, Im so sure there arent any insects around here, if youll strip naked, Ill tie you to my barnyard fence for the entire night. When morning comes, if youve got even one insect bite on you, Ill buy every can of repellent youve got.

The salesman was elated and readily agreed to being tied up naked. That night, the farmer tied the naked salesman to the barnyard fence and went to bed. Several times during the night he thought he heard the salesman moaning and groaning.

However, when he went out the next morning, the salesman didnt have even one bite or scratch on him. The farmer asked, What was all that moaning and groaning about last night?

That was the worst night of my life, the salesman replied, doesnt that damn calf have a mother?

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