Whats in a word?

A man walked in to his physicians office, and asked to be castrated.

I beg your pardon? the doctor asked, slightly aghast.

Ive thought about this for a long time, and Ive decided I want to go through with it. The man says calmly.

You want to be castrated. The doctor said, stil not quite understanding.

Yes. Thats right. I want to be castrated.

The doctor tried to talk his patient out of the decision, but the man was adamant. He was unwaivering in his desire to be castrated. The doctor, seeing the man was resolute, sighed and put him in touch with a good plastic surgeon.

The surgeon was equally aghast, but after having the man sign a multitude of forms, agreed to perform the procedure.

The day of surgery arrived, and the man was in very good spirits. He was clearly looking forward to being castrated. Everyone was completely puzzled but as this clearly was what he wanted, they all shook their heads and went about the procedure as expertly as they could.

Afterward, the man was taken to recovery. The surgeon came to see him.

Well, everything went fine. There were no complications. However, I must say Ive never seen such a foreskin before. Im surprised you were never circumsized.

The man snapped his fingers. THATS the word!

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