You cant get there from here

A cabbie is driving by the Empire State Building
one day when hes flagged down by a fellow with a neat
moustache, wearing a bowler hat and carrying an umbrella.
The fellow gets into the cab.

Where to? asks the cabbie.

Trafalgar Square, if you please, replies the fare
in a clipped English public-school accent.

The cabbie doesnt bat an eyelash. Thats
fifty-percent extra for out-of-town trips, he says, and
ya gotta pay all tolls an ferry fares.

Very well, replies the English gentleman, and so
off they go. The cabbie drives to Kennedy International,
arranges the trip to London, and drives his cab into the
hold of a huge auto-transport plane. All the way across
the Atlantic they fly, the meter running all the while.
(Fifteen cents per sixty seconds not in motion, you know.)
When they arrive at Heathrow they disembark, and the cabbie
drives to Trafalgar Square.

The English gentleman pays the fare and a good tip
besides and disappears into the crowd. The cabbie decides
that he may not ever have another chance to see London, so
hell drive around a bit before going back. While hes
sightseeing, another fellow by the curb flags him down and
gets in the cab.

Flatbush Avenue, please.

The cabbie scowls back at him and shouts, I dont
go ta Brooklyn!

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