You know youre gay when…

You know youre gay when:

1. You wear the appropriate underwear for each of your dates.

2. You understand the subtle differences between at least 20 brands of vodka.

3. You understand the immense importance of good (or bad) lighting.

4. You can be in a crowded bar and still spot a toupee from 50 yards away.

5. You can tell a woman you love her bathing suit and mean her bathing suit.

6. You can tell a woman she has lipstick on her teeth without embarrassing her.

7. No one expects you to kiss and not tell.

8. You can have naked pictures of men you know in your home.

9. You can have naked pictures of men you dont know in your home.

10. You can have naked pictures of men you dont know in your home and on your computer.

11. Unlike your women friends, you can hang out in mens locker room.

12. You understand why the good Lord created spandex.

13. You understand why the good Lord did not intend everyone to wear spandex.

14. You know the difference between a latte, cappuccino, cafe au lait and a macchiato. And if you dont, you know how to fake it.

15. You know how to get back at just about everyone.

16. Your pets always have great names.

17. Nobody expects you to change a tire.

18. Youre the only guy who gets to do the Cosmo quizzes.

19. You know how to get a waiters attention.

20. You only wear polyester when you mean to.

21. At any given instant, you can recite who was gay since the dawn of history.

22. You are, hands down, your nephews and nieces favorite uncle.

23. You get to choose your family.

24. You can tell your sexual compatibility with a potential partner by the way he holds his drink.

25. You can smile to let someone know you cant stand them.

26. You wouldnt be caught dead in Hooters.

27. You can freeze an approaching bar troll twenty feet away.

28. Youre good pals with women other people cant stand.

29. Youve always got an opinion, and dont mind sharing it.

30. Youve read the book, seen the movie, done the musical.

31. You know how to air kiss.

32. You know exactly which cosmetic surgery to consider having… and the perfect excuse to give people who ask where youve been for two weeks.

33. You know how to dress strategically.

34. You know when to move out and move on.

35. You are the only one at the class reunion who looks better than you did in high school.

36. Youve got at least one framed picture of a pet.

37. You know that being called a cheap slut isnt necessarily an insult.

38. You wouldnt buy someone a mug for their birthday.

39. You know which wine to bring.

40. Sales clerks dont mess with you.

41. You have a medicine chest stocked for any occasion.

42. You never hold a grudge for longer than a decade.

43. Youve just about defeated the accent you were born with.

44. You know the way to a mans heart is not necessarily through his stomach.

45. You choose the most fabulous greeting cards.

46. You know every film ever made with male frontal nudity

47. Youve got sunscreen at every conceivable SPF level.

48. You have the latest International Male catalog.

49. You wouldnt dream of dressing out of the latest International Male catalog.

50. You can be bitchy without anyone blaming it on biology.

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