7 Days To Go

Bert and Mabel were a week away from their wedding day. Bert was beginning to get major stirrings so he decided to chance his arm. Er, Mabel, as it is only a week to the big day, hows about a quick screw? said Bert. Mabels answer as expected was, No Bert, its only 6 days to go, however you can have a look at your prize.

The next night Bert again pesters Mabel. Being an understanding sort, Mabel gives in and says, It is still 5 days to go and as youve been a good fellow,
Ill let you have a little feel of your prize.

It only makes matters worse for Bert and by the next night he can hardly contain himself.Seeing his obvious predicament Mabel greets Bert and whispers in his ear, I can see what your problem is but youve still got 4 days to go. I will however let you have a good sniff of your prize.

Not being bashful, Bert lifts Mabels skirts and sniffs. After a minute he comes up for air, Mabel, do you think it will keep till Saturday?!?

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