An international conference and a Country Club

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There was an international conference and a luncheon following at the U.N.

The G.B. representative started to offer a toast:

To the women of the Eastern Hemisphere!

The Chinese representative then followed:

To the women of the Western Hemisphere!

The Italian representative thought for a moment, and then said:

To the two hemispheres of women!

At a golf club a bunch of women are having tea. Then one woman
discovers that the mens locker room at some distance below their balcony
has its door ajar. And a man is taking a shower with his head unseen.
So this woman chuckles and says: I am glad that that is not my husband–how
embarrassing! A second woman acknowledges: I am glad that he is not my
boyfriend ….hmmm!

A third woman then says:
I dont know whether he is my husband or not, but I sure know that
he is not any of the men here at this golf club.

Ray Wong, bu000756(or rkw)@cisunx.UUCP

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