Desert Island

Neville, Daniel and Rhonda are floating in a life boat after their ship had sunk in the Atlantic. Neville sits up and looks about. He sees an island on the horizon, but cant believe his eyes. After conferring w/ the other two, they decide that there is no such thing as group hallucination and paddle toward the island.

They have not been on the island long when it begins to rain. This is another miracle, and the three believe that God is w/ them.

The following day, early in the morning, Rhonda starts screaming and wakes the other two. Its a ship, its a ship! cries she.

The other two rise from their somnulescent posture and look. Sure enough, there is a ship on the horizon.

Were saved, were saved! cry they, and begin to dance around in circles. As the ship comes closer, Daniel peers to catch the name on the starboard side: The Titanic he reads out slowly.

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