Light my fire (adult theme)

Business was terrible at the new whorehouse. Customers were so scarce the madam of the house knew she had to do something to bring in more business.

This has often been described as the oldest business in the world, she said to herself, why shouldnt I advertise just like any business?

She gave an advertising agency a call and a representative came out. Once he understood the problem, he suggested attaching a neon sign to the front of the whorehouse. A lighted sign would be highly visible after dark when most customers would be likely to come around.

He also recommended a sign that displayed the bodies of a man and woman having sex. The representative then said, To guarantee the sign will be an absolute eye-catching success, I insist it must be designed to flash on and off.

Sounds like a great idea to me, the madam replied, except for one thing. Wouldnt it draw a lot more customers if it flashed in and out instead of off and on?

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