Sex spam (mildly crude)

Periodically, I get junk mail for web sites I suspect are intended for the male of this species, which Im not. On a whim, I started forwarding all those sex kitten invitations to a male friend who has yet to explore the fullness of the internet. He sent this reply:

From: Blugrass2@aol.com

Subject: Awesome …

I must say I am totally SHOCKED that you would even consider sending me such smut over the ether waves … You must think Im some sort of pathetic, sex-starved computer geek with nothing better to do with my time than to spend it looking at pictures of half naked beautiful, young, uninhibited, free-thinking, pert-breasted, flat-tummied, trim thighed, hard-nippled, pouty-lipped, cyber sluts.

All I can say is THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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