Shopping in the Middle East

Mr. X gets a promotion and is posted in the Middle East. A few weeks later, Mrs. & Mr. X go shopping. Mrs. X badly required a new bra.

They enter a shop and ask for a particular brand of bra. Unfortunately none of the salesmen knew English. After unsuccessful attempts to explain to them in English, Mr. X tries sign language.

He points out to his wifes breasts and shows the action of covering them. The salesmen get too embarrassed to look at those actions.

Getting slightly desperate, he requests two handkerchiefs, ties them and cups his wifes breast with them to demonstrate the use of the bra.

Still the salesmen do not understand a thing and one of them threatens to report Mr. Xs indecent behaviour to the police.

Mrs. X then suggests that they draw a bra on paper. Mr. X requests for a paper and pen and draws a bra-like figure.

The salesman takes the paper, walks over to the other side of the shop and comes back with …

(what do you think)

A pair of Ray-Ban glasses.

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